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What's the best way to end a decade? GIVING BACK, of course!

AND YOU DID IT! Yes, you did it with all your support and donations. That's why we would like to give YOU a special thanks and bear hug for making this event possible.




We helped a total of 150 children this past Christmas in two different places. 

The first one is an organization very special to us. We have been working with them for the past 3 years and we love these kids, “Malabareando Las Calles” which translates to “juggling the streets” is the name of the organization, that we believe is making a real impact in changing the lives of children living in the streets in our hometown.

Colombia is a beautiful country but unfortunately, we have many children working in the streets and many fall into drugs and prostitution. The sad truth is that many of these children are forced to work and are introduced to drugs by their own parents. Girls are forced into becoming sex workers at very young ages. This organization does nightly visits to these children to try to talk to them and let them know they are not alone. They offer meals, a person to talk to, clothing, and eventually persuade them to give themselves a second chance.

Once the child decides to leave the streets, “malabareando las calles” takes them in completely.  We're very proud to say that in the past 3 years, we have helped by clothing these children, we have done educational and entertaining events, raised funds for instruments for their music and art room and we have made strategic alliances and donated funds for a few of this kid going to college because we are so proud.

With your help, we gave 60 children currently in this organization a Christmas to remember!    We are so proud of these kids and young adults to be where they are, none of us can even comprehend their struggles, and we feel deeply moved by the smiles they gave us this Christmas.  

To learn more or to donate click here  or visit their Instagram @malabareandolascalles

 The second group of children is not a particular organization, it is one of the poorest sectors in Pereira (our hometown). This area is called Villa Santa.

How are we familiar with this area? One of our most talented moms that sews our swimwear is from here :)   We got to know personally ALL of our people and try helping as much as possible. 

Doña Maruja (our team member) introduced us to an amazing woman, she is sort of the “godmother” of the children in Villa Santana. Children come to her when their families can’t feed them. She has contacted us when she needs help with food or wants to do a special activity with the children.

This year we worked together to bring every child in the community a toy and a meal of their choice.  These children were ecstatic, as these toys would most likely be the only toy most of these kids will receive all year. 

Sadly, we couldn't there in person, but we have our amazing team there to represent us. We hope these images fill your heart as it did ours, and remember sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.







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