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Want that perfect tan this summer? Here are some tips so you know what to do before, during, and after you tan to optimize the color and longevity of your glowing skin. Please remember to always use caution when exposing yourself to the sun’s UV rays. Enough said, Let’s get these buns on the toaster! PSSSSST Secret family tanning recipe at the end!





  • Choose a good tanning oil with natural ingredients that have hydrating agents. (coconut oil is both of those)


  •  Gently exfoliate your body to eliminate dead skin cells. This will result in an even tan and unclogged pores.


  • Don’t wax. If you have sensitive skin, wax at least 2 days before tanning to avoid bumps or swollen skin. The wax also leaves a film that will cause an uneven tan.


  • Drink carrot juice! This is something you should do before and after your tan. Not only is it yummy but it also enhances the color of your skin due to the carotenoids in the carrots making you glow for dayssss. Also, a little healthy hydration never hurts.


  • Don’t use the same tanning procedure for your face and body. The skin on your face is more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays so you can’t treat them the same. You can dilute the solution by adding some SPF to the tanning oil or lotion.


  • You must also protect your lips with moisturizer that contains SPF. Your exposure times are also different, expose your face less than ¼ of the time you would exposing your body. Over exposure can lead to permanent dark spots and premature wrinkles.


  • IF the product you choose is oil based, make sure your hair does not become oiled up in the process. This can dry out your hair tremendously if under the sun with oils. (especially coconut oil).


  • Time under the sun. There is no scientific number of minutes you have to soak sun rays for to achieve a perfect tan, there is however a limit. Every skin type is different, keep an eye out on the time and remember the closer you sit to a body of water or on sand the faster you will tan because they reflect UV Rays.



  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.


  • Use moisturizers containing aloe vera, to help with the burn and maintain the color.


  • Don’t exfoliate, as this with remove the tan skin you worked so hard for.


  • Be cautious on the amount of time spent under the sun as it can lead to serious health problems due to over exposure, and remember, sun tanning is not the only way to get a tan. There are self tanning solutions that give you a summer look all year round.

Homemade natural sun tanning potion time!

Here is our family recipe when we go toast our buns. We love it because we know exactly what we are putting on our bodies and its 100% made with natural ingredients, you can munch on it if you wish, no judgement here.

Because we are all beautifully different,  we all burn different. If you have very pale, white skin and you burn easily, you have to use a tannin oil that that has a higher SPF level. My family is naturally tan so we don’t burn, we toast and tan very quickly, so we add olive oil to our mix. Ok ladies! Enjoy!


  • 1 Cup Coconut oil ( I prefer to buy the virgin, cold pressed ones)
  • ¼ cup of carrot juice ( I use my juicer, don’t put water it has to be 100% the juice from the carrot)


Higher SPF 35                         Medium SPF 25                                    Lower SPF 8

*1 tsp Carrot seed oil             *1 tsp Raspberry seed oil                     * 8 tsp Olive oil




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