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This is a blog we were really excited to write about. Not only because we want to share with you our “HAPPY” bracelets, but also to show you this awesome new project called “Casa de los sueños- Malabareadon las calles” which means “The house of dreams-Juggling the streets” an appropriate name for what this project stands for. This house is located in Pereira, Colombia (where we grew up). A house where their ONLY goal is to rescue children from the streets.

La casa de los Sueños currently houses 74 kids, ages ranging from as young as 2 years old to 18 years old. The Founder and director of this beautiful project is Jimmy Alexander Abello, who he himself, was rescued as a boy from the streets. Living here in the USA, it is a hard concept to grasp, seeing a child begging for money by themselves on the street. It's a heart-breaking reality that is the norm in many third-world countries. These children in many cases are begging for money, selling gum, cleaning windshields on stop lights and cleaning shoes. Some of these children take the money back to their parents who are addicts or the children use the money earned to feed their own addictions. As if it couldn’t get worse, many of these kids are on the streets selling their bodies, many against their will.

But enough sadness for now!! This is a happy story, “the house of dreams” is a place where not only are the children safe from the dangers of the streets, but they also get their dietary needs, schooling, a chance to explore their talents but most importantly a place where they regain HOPE.

This house became a reality due to the generous donations by various companies in Pereira, including LULO! This project touched our hearts from the moment we learned about it, so, we decided that our 10% from each sale was not enough for such a beautiful, wonderful, meaningful, powerful and all the words that end in FULL (that are happy of course). So! We created, the “HAPPY” unisex Bracelets.

LULO provided all the materials and instructions for the kids from “The house of Dreams” to make the bracelets.This minimalist red string bracelet with a symbolic Turkish smiley face is handmade by the children they are meant to aid. 100% of the proceeds of the bracelets will go for this project, to make sure that these kids keep getting all the benefits offered at the house. 

We sold over 200 bracelets in one weekend during one of our exhibitions and with this money we donated the art room and all the materials so the kids interested in art can express their talents.


We also helped equip the music room with the help of other artist who donated guitars, pianos and other instruments.


We are currently trying to help this project with some Christmas presents and later on, a sport room. An area fully equipped where kids can do various physical activities and explore their physical talents, you never know, we may just get the next Colombian Michael Jordan.

 Learn more about Casa de Sueños 


Are you ready to rock this bracelet? Its stylish, cute and has been know to give people superpowers…hmm jk, but seems like a pretty good deal for only $5 bucks! Get yours here.

Ps. They make perfect stocking gifts


Who is wearing the happy bracelet?


Mike Bahia 


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    What an awesome cause! I can’t wait to support!!!

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