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Just as the DR prescribed...

Thinking about your next location to toast your buns and show off your freshly bought Lulo Swimwear bikini? (and don’t want to spend 2 days at an airport) Look no further than your friendly neighbor! We are not talking about the talkative neighbor that makes you rush into the house every time you get out of the car. We are talking about our Island neighbors. In the Americas we have plenty of beaches that will make you feel like you are in heaven. One of those places is called the Dominican Republic. As some of you might know, Lulo Swimwear was founded by three sisters, one of those three sisters is in a happy relationship with a man from the Dominican Republic (me!). I have gotten to know this island quite a bit over the last few years. I created some beautiful memories on this island that also served us great when looking for material for our social medias. D.R. has much to see, but one of my personal favorites is Samaná. In this area you can find a little bit of everything without the touristy busyness you get in places like Punta Cana.  You get Beautiful beaches, crystal clear rivers, lively people, delicious cuisine and of course, rum filled coconuts! Here is a blog I found that has many of the places I fell in love with and the author did a great job documenting with photographs. Hope you guys enjoy!



Whenever most U.S. travelers think of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana and all-inclusive resorts comes to mind. If you’re looking for an alternative paradise that’s decidedly un-touristy, head to Samaná, a narrow peninsula off the north coast home to postcard perfect secluded shores, sophisticated beachside hamlets and epic whale watching.

I was fortunate enough to visit this isolated region of the country through a trip with the Tourism Board on a visit centered around eco-tourism. The Samaná Penisula is refreshingly quiet and isolated compared to the rest of the country and perfect for a truly relaxing vacation and insight into local Dominican life. The region is also well known for its wide range of adventure and eco-tourism opportunities. Here are the top 6 reasons to head straight to Samaná Province





Take an adventurous hike through the jungle to arrive at jaw dropping El Limón waterfall. The falls drop 130 feet (40 meters) from the top of Sierra Samana and are well worth the 1.5-mile (2.5 km) trek. At the end of the journey, we catapulted into the misty falls for the ultimate refresher.


Sher’s Tip: The falls are deep into the forest and best arrived via horseback. Book directly with Ramon and his family for the best rates – the ~30-minute horseback ride and trek to the waterfall includes lunch and a local cocoa lesson!





See the lush tropical forests and the views from sky high. The Dominican Tree House Village offers a heart racing zip line affair across 12 platforms high above the jungle. Afterwards, you can even stay overnight at the hotel, which offers rooms in multi-level tree houses.


Sher’s Tip: The tree house rooms are one of a kind. Upgrade and splurge on the large bedroom, with swing chairs and a private bath for the most luxurious experience!




Los Haitises National Park is one of the jewels in the crown of the Dominican Republic’s national park system. Los Haitises means “hilly land” in Taino, and the Park nurtures one of the island’s few remaining rainforests. The Park, which also has extensive mangroves, covers an area of 618 square miles (1,600km²). A natural wonder replete with many keys and caves, the jungle there was used as a location for the film Jurassic Park.



Sher’s Tip: Stay at the luxurious Bannister Hotel and book a boat tour to Los Haitises with the on-site tour operator. During the afternoon in the park, spot the shark cave, make a pit stop to see the ancient Taino caves or head to the Eco-Lodge (Paraiso Cano Hondo) for a relaxing afternoon in waterfall swimming pool.




Las Galeras is truly the end of the road, about 28km northeast of Samaná and quite a far car ride to get to. That being said, once you arrive the local village abounds with options: a yoga-filled retreat at Villa Serena, red sea urchin snorkeling at Playa Frontón or the long, beautiful stretch of coastline at Playa Rincon that’s perfect for sunbathing.


Sher’s Tip: If you’re looking to experience a complete lifestyle change, there’s no better option than a yoga + meditation retreat at Villa Serena. The unique beachfront property offers a variety of yoga practices (including water yoga) as well as a gourmet raw food diet led by raw food chef extraordinaire, Chef Darko.



Have a meal overlooking the cliffs at El Cabito, a beautiful rustic spot clinging to the edge of the cliffs. At sunset the ambiance is heavenly, with the crashing waves and the setting sun acting as the perfect compliments


Sher’s Tip: Try the seafood paella, which comes big enough for 2 or the grilled fish in coconut curry broth, a local specialty!


Sher’s Tip: You can rent an ATV to zip through the town!


All photographs belong to original post from shershegoes.com

Sher,(2016, September 8). 6 Reasons to visit Samaná Peninsula, Dominican Republic, Retrieved from https://shershegoes.com/top-things-to-do-samana-dominican-republic/


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