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Where do you get your protein from? Bitch, peas!


As the cold months don’t seem to go fast enough, we all begin to hibernate. We make more excuses as to why we don’t want to leave the house, especially when the destination is the gym. I once read a very wise quote on pintrest that said, Summer bodies are made in the winter. We all want a perfect bikini body but don’t want to have to sweat for it…but you don’t have to! Ok, enough sounding like I am selling a weight loss magical pill that will give you a bikini body in just 5 minutes!  What I am going to share with you is something much more amazing. About 7 months ago, my sister Johana and I, decided to become vegan. It has definitely had its challenging times but it has been very rewarding. I jumped on the band wagon first, but Johana started like she was meant for this. We want to share some great information that helped us make the decision to become vegan and blogs that fuel our inspiration in the kitchen. Maybe some of this information will feed on to your knowledge for those of you who made the transition already, or inspire those of you who aren’t…yet.


First and foremost, educate yourself. Figure out why you want to do it. Have a strong fuel because it will be a long and bumpy road… at first. Educate your self on your necessary daily nutrients. If your fuel is to be healthier, but you are only eating pasta, rice and potatoes then you aren’t doing anything, except hurting yourself and in time gain weight. This is very important, not only for your health but also to have a valid and totally kick ass answer to ignorant questions regarding your protein and calcium deficiency. Have answers with backed up research.My sister and I started it doing it for selfish reasons, we wanted to be healthier and look great but as we educated ourselves it turned into a selfless act of compassion for animals. The industry has done a marvelous job at separating the consumer from the “product.” We don’t realize the processes our food is going through. We don’t realize we are not only hurting our bodies but also billions of beings suffer their whole lives just for a couple of minutes of our pleasure. Transitioning to vegan has been challenging especially when you are from Latin America where the mind frame is; “if there’s no meat, it’s a snack.” We all have our obstacles, but once you begin, it’s a lot easier than people think. So, to get you pumped up, I’ve put a list of movies I think are a good start, and many are found on Netflix.


What the health

Forks over knives




Here are some blogs that I enjoyed reading even after I had made the decision. They have good content regarding the transition.

How to go vegan as a family

10 steps from a confused carnivore to a ferocious vegan

how to become vegan when your family is not

10 things you didn’t know about vegans

Healthy vegan pregnancy


These other blogs, are proof that vegan food is sooooo boring. One of the main reasons why people do not make the transition is because of the misconception that they will have to eat salads and munch on rice crackers. These bloggers have amazing recipes with great photography to prove those fools wrong.


Coconut and Berries

Minimalist baker

Vegan richa

The full helping

Vegan yack attack

My whole food life


I hope this can help in any way, even if you are not ready to be vegan maybe start with meatless Mondays, then slowly start adding more days, and before you know it you’ll have a mostly vegetarian diet.  


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