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We are 3 born and raised Colombian sisters with a huge passion for all things handmade that have a story behind it.  We all live scattered through out the coast of the U.S. In California, Florida and North Carolina. After living here for some time we struggled finding sustainable handmade bikinis that made us look and feel good without breaking the bank. That's why LULO was created. An ethical and sustainable bikini company that won't leave you eating cups of noodles till your next pay day. Our fun and flirty styles are inspired by our upbringing, our surroundings and the ever changing trends.  We divide our time between Lulo  and raising our families.  So you will either find us building our business or building sand castles.  


Our Bikinis are designed by us with the every day confident woman in mind. Every piece is carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Colombia. Our artisan team consists of five incredibly talented women that are either single mothers or females head of their households. That's right, we are a woman founded and operated company! 
Our eco-friendly buttery soft fabrics are chlorine and saltwater resistant that won't lose shape or color for years to come. 


LULO is NOT only a company that focuses on making cute bikinis that look good, & make you feel good. We are also driven by the need to help children living in extreme poverty in our country, Colombia. we donate a % of every item we sell. each bikini sold is a grain of sand towards ending the circle of poverty. Our efforts go towards the children.  Since LULO SWIMWEAR was founded in 2015, we have collaborated with more than 11 non-profit organizations, all dedicated to ensuring the well-being of children victims of poverty. Social work runs through our veins, thanks to our parents who gave their best years to educating children from impoverished areas. They are our biggest inspiration!


We are Lulo Swimwear #bikiniswithapurpose

Read more of what we've done along with our current projects here

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Johana, Juliany & Jessica Marin